Q.1 What controls which item categories you are allowed to use when creating new items in a purchasing document?

Ans- Document type

Q.2 What is the effect of setting the Freeze Book Inventory indicator in a physical inventory document header?

Ans- The book inventory is determined and fixed in the physical inventory document at the beginning of the count.

Q.3 In your company, the invoice verification clerks are working with the Release Blocked Invoices . For which kind of blocked invoices can they use the automatic release function?

Ans- Invoices blocked due to variances

Q.4 In which of the following business transactions will you get an error message if you have NOT set up automatic account determination?


  • Goods receipt of valuated material
  • Goods issue of valuated material
  • Goods receipt of consignment stock

Q.5 Which lot-sizing procedures are suitable for reorder point planning?


  • Fixed order quantity
  • Replenish to maximum stock level
  • Lot-for-lot order quantity

Q.6 In your project, you need to make sure that consignment purchase orders utilize a different number range than other purchase orders. What must you do?

Ans- Customize a new document type and assign the item category for consignment only to this type.

Q.7 You are entering a supplier invoice with reference to a purchase order. After verifying that the balance is zero, you decide to post the invoice. The system detects quantity differences that exceed the upper tolerance limit specified in Customizing.

Ans- A message is issued. You can post the invoice and it is automatically blocked for payment.

Q.8 Which parameters should you consider when calculating the reorder point for a material?


  • Lot-sizing procedure
  • Replenishment lead time
  • Safety stock
  • ¬†

Q.9 You want to prevent a specific material from being ordered from a specific vendor. What must you do?

Ans- Create an entry in the source list with a blocking indicator.

Q.10 A supplier delivers material to your warehouse; however, you are only obliged to pay the supplier once you have withdrawn the stock. Which procurement process would you implement for this purpose?

Ans- Consignment

Q.11 In your project, pricing conditions in purchase orders should only be visible to certain users. What must you configure and assign?

Ans – User parameter EFB

Q.12 You are receiving deliveries for a valuated material. Which documents are created when you post goods receipt?


  • Accounting document
  • Material document

Q.13 What can you specify in an output condition record?


  • Partner function
  • Output medium
  • Output time

Q.14  A certain field in the material master must be maintained as a mandatory entry during initial creation. Which of the following factors influence the field selection?


  • Transaction code
  • Procurement type
  • Material type

Q.15 In which situation can you have open items in the GR/IR clearing account?

Ans- Quantity differences between goods receipts and invoice receipts for a purchase order item