Q.1 What is SAP Fiori? Is it mandatory for SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management and does it fully replace SAP GUI?

Ans- SAP Fiori stands for a collection of apps that allow a new personalized and role-based user experience for the most frequently used functions of the SAP Business Suite. Fiori is designed for several devices such as PC, Tablet or Smartphone and enables a quick and intuitive handling of routine tasks. However, a customer using the SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management on premise edition Users can still use the well-known SAP-GUI and leverage the great functionality where available

Q.2 : We are doing a Carve out and have decided to start green-field. Do you recommend starting with SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management?

Ans- Yes, invest your budget in the new S/4 system. Keep in mind that in 2025 support for the current ECC 6.0 will end.

Q .3  Do my interfaces and Z-programs still run in S/4 HANA

Ans- : It might be useful to analyze whether interfaces can be made to perform better by directly accessing the HANA database. The redirect function is a great function which allows custom development still to execute. The regular SPAU/SPDD work is still necessary similar to earlier upgrades. Deloitte has gained vast experience in the move to the new S/4 HANA environment. Talk to us and we can arrange an initial look at your SAP ERP system with regard to the readiness for the move.

Q.4 What is MATDOC?

Ans- These are the new unified table structures of SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management that allow a massive reduction in the number of tables and enhance the speed for analytical uses.

MSEG+MKPF have been combined

Stocks used to get stored in multiple tables like MARD, MARC, MBEW etc. All this was required to support the reports MB5B, MMBE etc

Now all this has been removed i.e. stock will not be stored at multiple places. And if you want the Stock as on date (Any date) report, it will be automatically compiled from the Line items in MATDOC

Inventory Qty and Values will now be managed in Material Ledger. Its now Obligatory with SFIN. You dont have to use Actual Costing and Transfer Prices, but ML is MUST

So if you have a look at all this changes combined, it only gives one message and that’s SIMPLIFICATION

Existing fields MBLNR and MJAHR of the table MKPF are not key fields any more

MATDOC comprises 289 columns

» 32 columns from MKPF (Material Document header table)

» 204 columns from MSEG (Material Document item table)

» 53 additional columns for fast Calculations / Analytics

– Warehouse stock grouping fields

e.g. stock categories (special stock, unrestricted, …)

– Additional units and key figures

e.g. stock quantities stored with sign for fast on-the-fly aggregation

– Two sets of stock identifying fields (source and target)

Transfer postings

– Periods and time information

e.g. year-month combination for comparison of stock time series

– Data footprint: 25% .. 38% of total table size