Q.1 -What is reference Purchase Organization?

Ans -The reference purchasing organization can be defined as an organization whose conditions or contracts are linked to other purchasing organizations. This organization can make conditions or contracts that can easily be used in other purchasing organizations.

Q.2 –  What is Client?  What is its importance in SAP?

Ans- A client can be defined as a person, company, or organization that purchases goods from another person, company, or organization. In terms of SAP, a client is defined as a unit that has its own master records and a set of tables. The client is important in SAP because it stores and maintains data about the organization where SAP is implemented.

Q.3 What is purchase organization?

Ans – The purchasing organization is an organizational unit which procures articles and negotiates general purchase price conditions with vendors. It is responsible for all purchasing transactions in the company. Use. A purchasing transaction is processed completely by one single purchasing organization.

Q.4 What is purchase group?

Ans- Purchase group is a group of buyer or an individual buyer who are responsible for procurement of material or service for day to day activities. Purchasing group can be a group of employees who are responsible to purchase group of materials can be defined as purchase group.

Q.5 How Many Company Codes Can Be Assigned to A Plant?

Ans – no it is not possible to assign a plant to more than a company code.

Q.6 can two plants have a common storage location?

Ans- A storage location has to be unique for a specific plant only. It cannot be common to two plants. You can use the same storage location number for two different plants and the system identifies them uniquely based on the plant/storage location combination.